Your body makes some serious rejuvenation when you're asleep, so the term "beauty sleep" is much more than a myth. If you treat your body, you can wake up in the morning with clear, bright eyes, soft, glowing skin and shiny hair. So do not look in the mirror every morning, and wish that there were, follow these 17 beauty tips overnight and make the most of all the time you spend in bed:
Remove makeup before jumping in bed
Even if it's been a long night and really just wants to failure straight to bed, remove makeup first! No makeup in bed is needed, eliminating all traces of it and give your skin a chance to breathe or your pores become clogged just overnight.
Losing puffy eyes
A simple way to avoid puffy eyes in the morning is to add an extra pillow to bed and try to sleep on your back. Adopting a sleeping position where his head is higher than the rest of your body, help excess fluid under the eyes to drain.

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